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Free Angel Card Readings Online By Dyan Garris with  Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards ~ The first deck of angel cards with channeled messages from angels

Archangel RemielAbout the Angel Cards and the Free Angel Card Readings:  There are four different types of free angel card readings online available on the site.  The readings are totally free and in-depth, not just one card.   These angel cards are uncannily accurate and will become like old friends. Soon you will come to an understanding of the ultimate truths on which they are based. Connect with your angels in this way any time you’d like.

Voice of the Angels - A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards

Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards were created by Dyan Garris  in 1994 when no decks of angel cards with channeled messages yet existed in the marketplace.

These angel cards were originally made in 3D with crystals and gemstones, and hand illustrated, giving them an “aliveness” and unique energy that you can actually feel.

As well, the cards are all scenes from the guided meditation/fantasy “A Healing Journey” written by Dyan Garris and found on the last track of her CD “A Healing JourneyThe Voice of the Angels.”A Healing Journey - The Voice of the Angels CD

And the messages from your angels are in quatrain verse on each card. They are also not just arbitrary messages pulled out of a hat.  These are special as well.  You see, when you put them all together…all of the quatrain messages found on the angel cards…they mean something.  Together they form the “healing journey” that IS the guided meditation.  So it’s truly a “full circle, meaningful healing journey, not just general spiritual guidance.

There is also a journal available separately for keeping track of your angel card readings and spiritual progress.

The angel cards, the relaxation music on the CD, the guided meditation, the free angel card readings, and the journal all are an integrated healing journey.  And you can connect with your angels Journal Collage.inddhere online any time you feel the need.

Each angel card’s verse/angel message from the angels who are the “voice” in these cards, is presented in quatrain for a reason. This is so that it’s easy for you to remember.  You will find that these free angel card readings will “speak” to you on very deep levels.  Enjoy these readings and the very real angelic connection.


~ With all Angelic Blessings,

Dyan Garris

NOTE: These angel cards are out of print. Please enjoy the free angel card readings online and our live online psychic readings with real psychics at Voice of the Angels.com.


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