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Here is where you can buy Dyan Garris angel oracle decks online. Note that Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards are now sold out, out of print, and discontinued. Garris’ new angel oracle decks are: The Integration Cards, Oracle of Tea, and Song of OM Oracle Deck. You can experience free angel card readings online with all of the Dyan Garris angel card decks here at in an animated reading style or a non-animated style. You can also preview each angel oracle deck before buying it.

The Integration Cards - 40 Card Oracle Deck

Get a free reading with The Integration Cards

BUY THE INTEGRATION CARDS NOW. 40 card oracle deck is Tarot size and comes in a 2 piece top loading box. Instruction booklet is included. $26.99. We have decks in stock and ready to ship.


Preview The Integration Cards:
Voice of the Angels Angel Cards

Get a free reading with Voice of the Angels cards

Buy Voice of the Angels angel cards. Collector’s Edition. This is a limited edition Tarot size deck with a 2 piece top loading box. All decks signed and numbered. 

SOLD OUT AND NO REPRINT.  (Please note, Dyan Garris is no longer affiliated in any way with the website “Voice of the Angels.”)


Song of OM Oracle Deck by Dyan Garris

Get a free reading with Song of OM Oracle Deck

Song of OM Oracle Deck is a 49 card oracle deck . Each card is numbered and the cards in the deck are named after song titles from Garris’ multiple award nominated CD Series of New Age music and guided meditation. Tarot sized deck with 2 piece top loading box.  Instruction booklet is included.   In Stock.


Oracle of Tea Oracle Deck

Get a free reading with Oracle of Tea Oracle Deck

BUY ORACLE OF TEA NOW: Deck is a 40 card oracle deck with 40 Tarot size cards and comes in a sturdy two piece box with a top loading lid. Instructions included. Decks in stock and ready to ship.

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Angel Cards and Angel Card Readings

The Integration Cards by Dyan Garris
Song of OM Oracle Deck By Dyan Garris
Oracle of Tea by Dyan Garris
Dyan Garris Angel Cards


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