By Dyan Garris

Osho Zen Tarot Reading Online

Osho Zen

Osho Zen Tarot Reading Online

Osho Zen Tarot Reading Online

Enjoy this free tarot card reading online with the Osho Zen Tarot deck. This is not a traditional tarot deck.  It’s based on ancient wisdom of Zen. This 79 card tarot deck is not so much for “fortune-telling” and outer events, as it is for reflection and meditation upon what’s going on inside. “Zen” says that what’s going on in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. This tarot reading is most helpful for transitions and transformation.  The artwork on this deck is stunningly beautiful. There are correlations with the traditional tarot deck, although not quite the same.  For example, in this tarot deck, Pentacles are “Rainbows,” Swords are “Air,” Cups are “Water,” and Wands are “Fire.” Enjoy!

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