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Tarot Decks


Tarot decks come in all shapes and sizes these days. Whether beginner or master tarot reader, choosing tarot decks is a matter of personal preference.  There are some tarot decks that just speak to you and there are some that just don’t, no matter how you try to connect with them.  Go for the one that speaks to you on many different levels. Go for the one with imagery that you connect with on an emotional level. Go for the one you feel attracted to and it is not necessary to analyze the reasons why you’re attracted to one over the other. If you go with your gut in choosing a tarot deck, you won’t go wrong and the cards will always “speak” to you.  Of course, as in anything, we may not always hear what we want to hear, but whatever is brought forth is what we need to examine in that moment.  Here are some of our favorites:

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