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What Are Angel Card Readings?

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Angel Card Readings: What are they?

What are angel card readings and why should you get a free angel card reading online?  Angel cards have been around only since the 1990s – Dyan Garris’ angel cards were the first angel cards with channeled messages – and angel card readings are quite different from the Tarot and Tarot card readings.  Angel cards usually come in a form known as “oracle decks.”

One of the things that makes an oracle deck different is it contains a fewer amount of cards than the Tarot, which normally has 78.  As well, the cards in an angel card deck are not normally organized into suits or numbered such as we find in a traditional Tarot card deck.

The imagery is obviously quite different as well. Angel card decks don’t usually contain images or depictions that can be construed as negative or scary. Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards, for example, have no reversals. It doesn’t matter if you draw the card reversed or not. The meaning is the same.

Angel card readings, and angel cards, offer direct spiritual guidance from your angels and connection with them.  Why that may seem a bit elementary, it’s important to understand.  As the Tarot speaks to some, angel cards speak as well.  But they speak in a different way and on a different level.

We can boil this down to its simple essence by saying this: Angels do not scare us in any way and angel cards should not scare us either.

Sometimes we find ourselves confused and do not know which direction to go.  Sometimes we are really stuck and we reach out for some true angelic guidance.  And in those times we may feel lost and not be able to hear, see, or feel our angels and their messages to us.  So getting angel card readings online is a wonderful and uplifting way to connect or reconnect with your angels in a direct way.  The messages from angels should be uplifting and show you ways to move forward.  An angel card reading online or otherwise, should leave you with some clear answers and direction.

This is one important reason why Dyan Garris free angel card readings online are available to you freely and without subscription, without jumping through marketing hoops, without any hype and without any limitation.   Experience true angelic guidance through our free angel card readings online at any time you need. They are always here for you.

~ With all angelic blessings to you,

Dyan Garris



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