Song of OM Oracle Deck by Dyan GarrisThis free animated oracle deck reading is an animated  reading and uses the SONG OF OM ORACLE DECK by Dyan Garris. Click on cards below for your reading in Celtic Cross style. Choose all 10 cards to start. (This means you will click on the moving deck 10 times – once for each card). After you have done that, the entire spread will show up. Then click on each individual card for its meaning. It does not matter where you start in the spread because you are able to “view spread” whenever you’d like and the description will tell you the card placement/meaning, but most readers will start with the card in the middle.

Why did Dyan create these animated readings? Those that are familiar with Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards know that that deck was originally created in 3D. It was made by Garris with crystals and gemstones and other natural elements. And each card is a scene from the guided meditation of the same name. Each has a message from your angels in quatrain verse. The cards are a healing journey through the chakras where you meet your angels and spirit guides and receive healing.

Fast forward 22 years later, and Garris wanted to make another multi-dimensional oracle deck. Song of OM cards are all based on song titles from Garris’ multiple award nominated music and guided meditation series. This animated oracle deck reading is “brought to life” by virtue of the animation itself. And the readings include snippets of music for each card, which you can turn off and on as you desire. The entire reading sets the stage for mind, body, and spirit integration. And that’s what we want. Enjoy your free reading below:

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