The subject of whether or not there are such things as “earth angels,” and the question, “Are people angels?” has been asked many times. Let’s try to shed some angelic light on the matter.

Angels are angels, and they have existed throughout eternity.  They really have no need to incarnate as humans.  This does not mean that angels don’t ever take a human form. They do. And they do that in order to do things like save someone from drowning or save someone from a burning building and let them know perhaps that they’ve been “touched” by an angel.  Things like that is why angels may take a human form.

But that is a temporary form.  People that have had angel encounters such as this always mention, and this is consistent across the board, that the “person,” that helped them got them out of the burning wreckage or whatever the emergency was, disappeared shortly thereafter, never to be seen again. That is one example of angels taking human form. But are people angels? No. Sorry.  Angels have no need to experience the human condition. They already understand it. They have compassion for it. And they help us, guide us, and communicate with us. But angels do not incarnate as humans as they have no need to do so.

Does a horse have a need to incarnate as an insect? Not really. Could it happen? Yes. Does it happen? Maybe on occasion it does.  But on the evolutionary scale, a horse is more evolved than an insect, and thus the horse would be moving backwards.

The subject of whether or not angels themselves evolve, or whether God evolves, is a whole different subject.  But suffice it to say, that the light energy and essence of angels does not include having a full earthly incarnation right now as a human.

Now, do we have angels among us? Yes, and in a big sense. We always have angels among us even if we can’t see, feel, or hear them.  And we do have those people, incarnated as humans right now, that came over here from the “angelic realms.”  Coming over here, volunteering for this earthly mission, as it is, does not mean these people, the Starseeds, and so forth, are angels, even if they have remembrance of the angelic realms, per se.  Angels are not earthbound entities.

Are people angels? Some very angelic seeming beings that are here on earth right now may be from the angelic realms, but coming over here from there does not necessarily mean they are angels. We might call such a person an “earth angel,” which is truly a misnomer of sorts.  People are not angels. They can be angelic for certain. They can definitely be from the angelic realms. And they may be able to communicate with angels.  But, you know, they don’t have wings. . .

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