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Inviting Healing Into Your Life Through ...

Inviting Healing Into Your Life Through Angels

Inviting Healing Into Your Life Through Angels Being healed through the power of angels can be one of the most spiritual experiences a human can go through. Taking a look back through history, there have been countless stories of angels (or other types of heavenly beings) coming down to the human realm to provide guidance, […]

7 Tips to Help Choose a Good Tarot Reade...

7 Tips to Help Choose a Good Tarot Reader Without Wasting Money

Seeking an excellent tarot reader can be hard and expensive. Considering the prices charged by tarot readers, it does not make sense to keep trying different tarot readers, with the hope of finding a great one. So how can you get an excellent tarot reader without spending a lot of money? Read on and learn […]

Why online and phone readings work just ...

Why online and phone readings work just as great as live readings

A lot of people nowadays feel more comfortable to get readings online via Skype or over the phone rather than the traditional way which is the personal one, the face-to-face reading. Many benefits to you and for your reader can be said about getting a reading over the phone or via Skype. Today we will […]

Are People Angels?

Soul's Journey - The Integration Cards

ARE PEOPLE ANGELS HERE ON EARTH? The subject of whether or not there are such things as “earth angels,” and the question, “Are people angels?” has been asked many times. Let’s try to shed some angelic light on the matter. Angels are angels, and they have existed throughout eternity.  They really have no need to […]

What is an Angel Messenger?

Angel Messenger - Angel of Wisdom by Dyan Garris

WHAT IS AN ANGEL MESSENGER? There are a lot of people out there today labeling themselves as angel messengers. But are they? Do angels bring messages through regular people? And what really is an angel messenger? First of all, angels themselves, throughout the ages have been heavenly messengers. That’s always been one of their jobs, […]

Animated Tea Reading Online

Animated Tea Reading Online

ANIMATED TEA READING ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FREE ANIMATED TEA READING Free Animated Tea Reading Online. This free animated tea reading is an animated oracle deck reading and uses the ORACLE OF TEA ORACLE DECK by Dyan Garris. Click on cards below for your free reading in Celtic Cross style. Choose all 10 cards to start. […]

What Are Angel Card Readings?

Dyan Garris Angel Cards

Angel Card Readings: What are they? What are angel card readings and why should you get a free angel card reading online?  Angel cards have been around only since the 1990s – Dyan Garris’ angel cards were the first angel cards with channeled messages – and angel card readings are quite different from the Tarot […]