Archangel RemielDo Angels Really Speak to Us Through Angel Card Readings? by Dyan Garris

Our angels and spirit guides can and definitely do speak to us and communicate with us through angel card readings and tarot card readings, and even through psychic medium readings, of course.   When we are not fully “awake” or tuned into our higher guidance, when we think the “voices” we are hearing cannot possibly be our angels, this is when our angels and guides will sometimes use our dream time to bring us messages. They will use signs to bring us messages.  They will use angel cards to bring us messages.  They will bring us human and even animal messengers to bring us messages.  Everything speaks.  The question really is, “Are you listening?”

Many were taught that tarot card divination was evil or unacceptable.  Many were taught that being “psychic” was of the devil and was not acceptable. These belief systems sometimes are deeply ingrained and steeped in religious dogma. In brief, although there is certainly much more to it, what the church and Bible were objecting to originally was the worshiping of false gods, the worshiping of something other than God.  You must use your own guidance and prudence when thinking about consulting any deck of cards or anyone or anything else for any kind of spiritual answer.  It just sometimes is that we cannot hear the voice of our Most High Guidance, our angels, or the God, Source, or Creator of our understanding, and therefore, using angel cards as a bridge becomes a viable alternative.  But are you worshiping the cards? This is for you to examine, discern, and answer.

When angel cards came along in the late 1990s, it somehow seemed more acceptable to consult them for answers than the tarot, even though the tarot has been around for centuries.  The Tarot, after all is well known for its sometimes “negative” connotations.  Angel cards do not usually have such depictions.

The truth is that neither tarot cards or angel cards are evil. They are merely a bridge to connection to your own innate and higher guidance.  Some people need that bridge, that focal point, in order to be able to connect to Guidance.

And in the discernment of anything, and whether it’s “good” or “bad,” it’s paramount to examine the fruits because that is the definitive measure. Does an angel card reading, or any card reading, bring you closer to the God of your understanding, your angels and spirit guides that love you, surround you, and protect you, or does it rip you from their loving arms?