Free Angel Card Reading Dyan Garris Angel Cards. This free reading is an animated oracle deck reading and uses the Dyan Garris angel cards, i.e., VOICE OF THE ANGELS SPIRITUAL CARDS oracle deck.  (Garris sold the website Voice of the in 2015 and the new owners decided not to include the “free angel card reading – Dyan Garris” on their site).  So Dyan made new ones here with her angel cards that will work across all of your devices, AND this particular angel card reading is an animated reading.  See other readings here.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the moving cards below (scroll down) for your free reading in Celtic Cross reading style. Choose all 10 cards to start. (This means you will click on the moving deck 10 times – once for each card). After you have done that, the entire spread will show up. Then click on each individual card for its meaning.

It doesn’t matter which card you start with, as the card placement/meaning will be shown to you when you click each individual card, and you can always click on “view spread” to be sure you didn’t miss any cards in your reading. However, those familiar with the Celtic Cross style of reading usually start with the card in the middle of the spread.