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Best Free Angel Card Reading

To get the best free angel card reading online, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, approach an online angel card reading as you would any card reading, any psychic reading, or any Tarot reading.

Before your angel card reading, take a few deep cleansing breaths and clear your mind.  Then set your intention clearly.

This intention should be about receiving clear guidance, rather than receiving a preconceived notion of what you would like to hear.  Clear your mind. That is one way to ensure you get the best free angel card readings online. Just let go of your attachment to outcome and see what your angels have to tell you.

Then focus on your questions or concerns, but let go of what you think the answer should be.   It’s also okay to not have an exact question in mind, but do focus on your situation or the main thing you want to receive answers about.

Then with your intention and your breath, connect energetically to the angels, to your angels and spirit guides, and to the cards.

These particular angel cards are “multi-dimensional” in scope.

As they were originally made in 3D (in 1994), you will find that they “speak” in a different way than most other decks of angel cards or Tarot cards, or any other divination cards for that matter.  What this means is that while your answers can be quite direct and uncannily accurate, they won’t necessarily be “linear” in fashion.

dolphins_lowEach card brings forth a channeled mVoice of the Angels - A Healing Journey Spiritual Cardsessage in quatrain verse from your angels, as well as representing certain aspects of your life.

Pay attention to the placements as well, such as “What You’re Working On Now,” or “What You Need To Know.”

What we mean by not necessarily “linear” in fashion, is that you will receive spiritual guidance on your earthly matters, but that guidance is always going to try to direct you to a bigger picture, a larger focus, and a more all encompassing pathway that incorporates your mind, body, and spirit. 

Expect clear and accurate communication from your angels, and these free angel card readings online, and you shall receive it.


Please enjoy our best free angel card readings online!

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