Voice of the Angels - A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards

Copyrighted image by Dyan Garris. Voice of the Angels-A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. Please note, Dyan Garris is no longer affiliated with Voice of the Angels.com webiste. It changed hands in 2015.

How to read angel cards by Dyan Garris

With any angel card reading or tarot card reading, the basic beginning principles for a reading are the same.  Find an angel card deck that you feel emotionally connected to. Imagery and artwork is very important in terms of connection. So look for colors and deck artwork that elicits a feeling from you on an emotional body level.

Before your angel card reading, first take a few deep cleansing breaths.  Use your breath to clear out any preconceived ideas or attachments to a particular outcome. Try to suspend mind chatter for a few moments. Essentially, “clear your head.” This clearing process will allow you to better connect with your higher guidance.

Next, focus on your question. However, don’t be attached to any particular outcome. Allow things to flow.  Allow your higher self to be drawn to particular cards.  Detach from your attachment to outcome before you draw the cards.

When interpreting, allow the cards to speak to you.  Allow your angels and spirit guides  to speak to you through the imagery and messages of the cards. If you approach the reading with reverence, and with a clear intention to receive guidance and direction, speak to you they will.

In tarot reading, each card has a number and the numbers have meaning along with the symbolic representation of the imagery found in the card.  The card placements also have meaning, and the meaning of each card, while intrinsically symbolic or representative, also depends upon the type of spread you have chosen for your reading and where the cards fall into the placement.

Some angel card decks were designed just to be an inspirational message for the day – a single card you may pull for clear guidance for your day.  In angel card readings, depending upon the author/artist/developer and what they had in mind at the time they designed or channeled the deck, the cards are not necessarily numbered.  For example, in the original Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards deck, I purposefully did not number the cards.

And so sometimes, unlike in tarot card reading, the placements themselves (if they were designed to be read that way) don’t have a specific meaning, but rather are just straightforward communication directly from the card itself.

Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards (original deck out of print, and special collector’s edition is completely sold out), were originally hand illustrated and made in 3D with crystals and gemstones by Dyan Garris – former founder and owner of Voice of the Angels.com – in 1994.

Each card in this particular angel card deck has a quatrain rhyming verse, they have definitive, meaningful placements, imagery, and meaning. They are designed to speak directly to your spirit and tell you exactly what you need to know.

The cards are all scenes from the guided meditation found on the companion CD A Healing Journey.  The individual verses on each card, when read in a particular order, form the journey back through the guided meditation. There’s a journal and there is special music on the CD for a complete integrative experience.  It’s “full circle.”

Because these particular angel cards were designed as a foundation for not only communication with your angels, but also as an integrative method of balancing and bringing together the mind, body, and spirit (that is the necessary foundation of all of manifesting), you can read them a little differently than you would any other deck.

Learning to read angel cards – any angel card deck – is not difficult. One of the most important keys in learning how to read angel cards is to simply allow the energy to flow. Allow your angelic messengers to speak to you and they will.

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