By Dyan Garris

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Click on image to order Song of OM limited edition oracle deck now.

We have several Angel Card Readings and Tarot Card Readings online at Free Angel Card

These free readings include the new angel oracle deck readings from Garris’ newest all angel oracle deck, Angels of the Morning, the angel card deck “Song of OM Oracle Deck,” her  angel oracle deck, The Integration Cards Oracle Deck, plus Oracle of Tea, among others. You can also get a free online reading with Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards here.

Note: After Garris sold her website, Voice of the, the new owners decided to remove the original free angel card readings for some reason.  Those original flash style readings are not available here either, but you can definitely get a free reading here using her original Voice of the Angels cards.  And you can get that reading in a Celtic Cross style or 3 card format and in some other spreads as well.

The tarot readings online include readings with the Ancient Egyptian Tarot and the Aquatic Tarot along with some others. We now offer animated card readings as well.

Free Angel and Tarot Card Readings Online ANIMATED CARD READINGS


Note: The respective copyrights of all angel card decks, angel oracle card decks, oracle decks, and tarot card decks remain the copyright of their respective copyright owners:

Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards © Dyan Garris
Song of OM Oracle Deck © Dyan Garris
The Integration Cards © Dyan Garris
Oracle of Tea © Dyan Garris
Angels of the Morning Oracle © Dyan Garris
Aquatic Tarot (Andreas Schröter ) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Ancient Egyptian Tarot © Clive Barret



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