Angel of Transformation © Dyan Garris 2015

Angel of Transformation © Dyan Garris 2015 from SONG OF OM ORACLE DECK

Dyan-Garris-2019_9-13_DSC_0648-726x1024What is Voice of the Angels Dyan Garris?

Voice of the was Dyan Garris‘ main site and a labor of love for 11 years.  A few years ago she passed the torch on to someone else and that someone passed it on to someone new.


But more importantly, “Voice of the Angels” [A Healing Journey] is also the name of the original Dyan Garris angel cards.

The “Voice” in the title “Voice of the Angels” is not Dyan Garris herself, but rather the seven angels who wanted to have a “voice” in bringing forth the messages in the angel cards.  The angel messages on the angel cards are all in quatrain verse and the angel messages were all channeled by Garris.

“Originally,” says Garris, “I just thought I’d put the free angel card readings online at Voice of the Angels, and that would be it. But as often happens, Spirit had different ideas.”

Voic eof the Angels Spiritual Cards - RemielMuch different ideas it turns out. Over the years, Garris built a series of products that are meant to work together and along with the angel cards for integrative healing. She calls it the “Spiritual Toolbox.”

These products are multiple award nominated music and guided meditation CDs, award winning books, the Dyan Garris angel cards (of course! Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards), a triple accredited chakra balance course, which is a journey through your soul, a manifesting course, and a DVD for Automatic Chakra Balance,™ “Doors to the Soul,” which is a process she invented and developed that uses visuals and relaxation music to automatically balance the energy field in about ten minutes, and a signature collection of crystal chakra balancing pendants. (Sold out).

Garris also wrote Daily Channeled Message for seven years, but had to discontinue it a few years ago due to the ailing health of her beloved husband who has since passed on recently.


“The single most important thing to understand about these products,” Dyan said, “is that they aren’t just separate products and they aren’t just “angel cards” or “angel card readings.”  This is ‘vibrational attunement.’  They are designed to work together, and in harmony, just as we are. They are synergistically intertwined.  So you can come in anywhere that you are on your healing journey, and let your angels guide you to whatever it is you need.

“We are all here at the most interesting time in our planet’s history.  And we’re here for a reason – multitudes of reasons,” she says. “No matter what is going on in our inner worlds, let’s remember that we are all part of the whole. Let’s remember to shine our light out there every single day. Let’s remember to breathe.”

It is her hope that not only here at Free Angel Card, through the angel card readings and her other spiritual tools, you will find the spiritual guidance, solace, and answers that you seek.

Angel Blessings to all!

Dyan Garris