There are a lot of people out there today labeling themselves as angel messengers. But are they? Do angels bring messages through regular people? And what really is an angel messenger?

First of all, angels themselves, throughout the ages have been heavenly messengers. That’s always been one of their jobs, to deliver messages.  So angels are the original angel messengers, per se.

Angels are pure light and energy and obviously their vibration is very high. So while we are more aware of angels in our daily lives more so now than ever before, it doesn’t mean that we can hear what they are saying and it doesn’t mean that we are able to speak with them directly. And it doesn’t mean everyone can see them either. And an earthly, earthbound angel messenger is not the same thing as an angel. That is an important distinction.

Angels don’t “speak” like we do.  They “communicate.” But yes, some people CAN hear them just as easily as if you and I were having a conversation. And since angels watch over us here, they are interested and concerned with all that goes on here on Earth.  So yes, they are really communicating. And they will speak through angel cards. And they will speak through an “ambassador” of sorts, an “angel messenger.”

There have always been people with whom angels communicate.  People that can hear angels and communicate with them are becoming more common than in any time in our history. Lessons in discernment of spirits aside, an angel messenger is just someone who can hear and speak to angels and bring those angel messages on through for people here. Many times you will find that they’ve dedicated a great portion of their lives, if not all of their lives, to the bringing forth of angel messages in order to help others. As is one of the best lessons regarding discernment ever written, “You will know them by their fruits.”