Dyan Garris Angel Cards

Copyrighted image. Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards by Dyan Garris

What happened to the Dyan Garris free angel card readings online? The short answer is nothing, really. You are in the right place!  You can still get free angel card readings online with the Dyan Garris angel cards (Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards) HERE.

These free angel card readings are available in a Celtic Cross format, a three card format, and some other formats.

Where are the Dyan Garris free angel card readings? Where did they go?

The longer answer to “Where are did the free angel card readings go?” is that when I sold the website Voice of the Angels.com, the new owner decided not to have the free angel card readings front and center.  No one else really knows why and to each their own. Then it is my understanding that the site was subsequently sold again and the newest owner seems to have done away with them completely. This is also why you won’t find them on any other affiliate sites anymore either.

However, since they are my cards – my copyrighted work – and because the original angel card readings were done in flash format (which does not work with your mobile device), I redid these in a format that does work.  You will find these free angel card readings online with my original angel card deck HERE.

Along with making new readings online for these angel cards, I also have created several new oracle decks, and made free card readings online for those also in the same place.

All my oracle decks for twin flames, etc. are available in my Etsy. Click any graphic below to go there.