phone readings2A lot of people nowadays feel more comfortable to get readings online via Skype or over the phone rather than the traditional way which is the personal one, the face-to-face reading. Many benefits to you and for your reader can be said about getting a reading over the phone or via Skype. Today we will provide you reasons why online and phone readings work just as great as live readings.

Online and phone readings would not hurt your pockets.

We can safely assume that it would cost you less to get your reading over the phone or through online than to see an actual psychic. Why? Because the latter would entail having your psychic go to your place, which only means transportation expenses and the time it would take him or her to get to you. On the flip side, you would not shell out money to pay for bus or train, or for gas even, if you choose to get a reading over the phone instead of traveling to your nearest psychic reader.

Online and phone readings do not have to be scheduled.

We live in a fast-paced world and every minute matters. Sometimes, we would not have the time to see a psychic in flesh as our schedules may be full. The beauty of getting an online or phone reading is that you only have to pick up the phone or connect to the Internet. You can do this anytime and anywhere. You do not have to set up an appointment or anything. Just pick up the phone and the next psychic to get your call will be able to provide you live angel card readings.

Online and phone readings save the energy of your psychic.

With live readings over the phone or through the Internet, you can be assured that your psychic is full of energy to give your reading. Since your psychic does not have to travel, your psychic can save this energy to give you a more detailed and accurate reading. On the flip side, you would not have to break a sweat traveling to an unknown part of town just to get a reading from a psychic.

Now, to answer the question, “Why do online and phone readings work just as great as live readings?” With a lot of people now accepting that the way of things changes with time, how psychic readings are done will also bound to change and adapt. Some people are skeptic as they are still under the assumption that tarot card and psychic readers would have to touch your palms or see you personally for them to read you. Psychics that are able to give readings via Skype or over the phone are seasoned and well-experienced readers who have unique gifts, tools, and special techniques in creating a bond with their clients. Some powerful readers can tell how you are doing just by checking out your display photo. While some readers can already make a bond with you just by comprehending the first sentence that you typed and hearing your voice. Phone wires and internet connections are connections – they do carry energies. Intuitives and psychics can pick up on those energies, channel, and read them. The times have changed and readers do not need to be sitting across you to give you an accurate reading of your life situation. Whether you are using your laptop or your smartphone, gifted psychics can read through you no matter what.

Phone readingsOther Good Things about Phone Readings

Your psychic cannot make a hasty judgment about you.

Time and again, people who have gone for a personal reading felt that their psychic judged how they looked, composed themselves, and acted. Readings done over the phone eliminates this scenario, as your body language, choice of clothing, and habits (like chewing your fingernails) are concealed from the psychic. They would find it difficult to judge you as they do not know that you wear a pair of pearl earrings or that you have an expensive signature bag. Readings done over the phone are also said to be difficult, but for a good psychic reader this would not be a problem.

You can appear not anxious in a phone reading.

Many people find it difficult to conceal their anxieties when being stared at in a personal reading. Especially when your reader does not blink even once, as if they are digging through your life using eye contact. Feeling anxious in a reading can definitely affect your energy and aura. This may alter the message your tarot or psychic reader gets from you. In readings done over the phone, you can keep your composure on the other side of the line and feel relaxed. You can even get a reading while in your pajamas!

You can be spared from terrible traffic.

Everyone hates the horrible traffic. Why waste your time driving to a place you have never been to   for a good 45 minutes only to miss an appointment because of the traffic, when you can just dial a number and sit back? You can do this anytime—while on your way to work, during a work break, etc.

Your choice to stay anonymous is respected.

There are times when our situations are too complicated we cannot be who we are around a personal psychic. Physics over the phone do not compel you to say who you are and what you do, or even when your birthday is. You can give them bits and pieces of truths to give you an accurate reading. You control the information you give them, as they know that privacy is something that needs to be respected and treated with utmost care. You can be assured that, of all people, they surely understand where you are coming from.

These are just some of the good things that make phone and online readings just as great and powerful as a live reading. If you think we missed something, feel free to leave a comment down below. We would love to hear from you!

Images used by startupstockphotos and olichel under Public Domain CC0.