From The Integration Cards – Forever Love. (c) Dyan Garris

What is your biggest mistake in your twin flame relationship?

The twin flame relationship and twin flame journey can be confusing and challenging. You may feel like you’re alone and like no one understands, but those things are not true. There is help. There is understanding. There is hope. There is focus and direction. There is a way forward.

The twin flame journey is like no other relationship. Your twin flame is your mirror soul. In this relationship, there is massive triggering, and that triggering is for purposes of healing. It isn’t about keeping you stuck, blaming, ruminating, hurting you, or anything else.  That said, let me explain a bit more in-depth.

Twin flames incarnated here on the planet at this time for specific reasons. These reasons are to balance the masculine and feminine energies on this planet, which have become greatly distorted. We need those masculine/feminine energies balanced for purposes of ascension. No, that ascension is not about floating about out of body and having some psychic experiences in another dimension. It’s about this place, this here, this right now, this Earth plane. That’s where the balance needs to happen so that mankind can raise its vibration and frequency. That change happens first on individual levels.  It’s a big job, yes. Can you do it? Yes!

You and your twin flame have one of the highest forms of connections that exist. This is a very high form of love. You are always together in spirit. You are forever together. The separations you experience here in the physical realms are illusions, even if they don’t seem that way. However, the Earth-bound side of that is that they are for a good reason. Healing. Self-love. Love.

These twin flame separations are so that both twins may take that time to heal themselves. That healing is going to lead to union. That union is going to lead to ascension, or the raising of the vibration of LOVE on this planet and on a global and universal scale. And that love is going to help raise up the vibration of this planet.

So, what is your biggest mistake on your twin flame journey? That mistake has to do with not understanding what is really going on in this relationship. It has to do with focusing more on your twin than on your own issues. It has to do with being bogged down in the earthly, root chakra kinds of things, rather than understanding the much bigger picture of what your twin flame relationship is really about.

I have created a series of various twin flame oracle cards that can help guide you on your twin flame journey. Confused? Hurting? These cards will help you gain clarity, real clarity. What is your twin thinking, feeling, going through? What are you? What happens next? What should you do?

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Blessings to you,

Dyan Garris